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I've always thought that getting a massage was a luxury saved for special occasions, but after seeing James I quickly learned that it is an important part of your overall health. Not only is it a relaxing and tranquil experience every time I see him, but more importantly, I leave feeling more centred, body, mind and soul.


                                                                      - Janelle N.  

My  Story -
James Check RMT  Massage Therapist Winnipeg

When I was 16 years old, I was involved in a car accident that left me with a major spinal injury. Over the next 4 years, one of the key treatments which aided my rehabilitation was Massage Therapy and it was through my own difficult recovery that I developed my passion for helping others.  After graduating high school, I enrolled at The Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, graduating in 2007. Through my education and training, I discovered that my unique journey from injury to recovery allowed me a greater understanding of the human body, spinal injuries, and the healing process of individual people.  After working at numerous high-profile clinics and spas in Winnipeg, I have learned to successfully combine the healing benefits of clinical treatments with the atmosphere of a high-end spa, all while creating an experience tailored to the wants and needs of each individual.

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel" 

- Kevin Mark Trudeau

Pregnancy Massage RMT Winnipeg
Therapeutic Clinic Massage 
Pregnancy Massage 

Whether you just need to relax, or you have a specific injury or pain. Each massage will be customized to your specific needs.

Alleviating the aches and pains that come with every stage of pregnancy. 

Instrument Assisted Fascial Release

The best way to increase your range of motion and break down scar tissue. 

Cupping Massage

Lift away muscular tension and scaring.



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