Therapeutic Massage

Feel the benefits of a great therapeutic massage specially customized for you each and every visit.


Experience the relaxing comfort of a fleece weighted blanket with the added warmth of the heated, double padded, memory-foam massage table. 


Hot Stone - Cold Stone Aromatherapy Massage 

This treatment incorporates the use of heated basalt stones to relax the muscles, allowing for a greater release of deeply held tension and stress. In addition, cooled marble stones energize the circulatory system to revitalize and strengthen the immune system. 


It may sound uncomfortable but the gradual contrasting application of heat and cold creates a wave-like sensation of refreshing relaxation throughout the body and mind.

Not recommended if pregnant.



Instrument Assisted Fascial Release:

Is a tool-assisted form of manual therapy that uses rounded stainless steel instruments to release adhesions in muscles, built-up scar tissue, and stubborn trigger points. It is highly effective at releasing tight muscles while minimizing the discomfort generally associated with a traditional deep tissue massage.  


Cupping Massage

Where traditional massage uses compression to push tissue structures together, Cupping massage uses suction to lift and pull them apart. Stretching the fascia in this way creates space for oxygenated blood and vital nutrients to flow into tight or restricted tissues. 


I use a combination of traditional massage techniques and Cupping massage to effectively release stubborn restricted tissues, allowing for greater range of motion and faster recovery from injury.


Can cause temporary bruise like markings.



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